Run with us.

As one of the oldest and most established running clubs in South Africa, we offer a great forum and support for runners to do what they love – running. We also welcome walkers and have designated walks and time trials. We are centrally based at The Zoo Lake Sports Club Cnr of Lower Park Drive and Westwold Way in Parkwood.


Our club runs take place every Sunday and starts from the Zoo Lake Sports Club car park at 06h00 in summer and 07h30 in winter. Distances vary from 16km to 40km with refreshments every 7km.

ShamRockies Routes:

This is a Shamrock shape of routes which have been designed with long runs in mind. There are four routes from which to choose from the order of which you can choose for yourself and all start and finish in the same place with the idea to have support in the form of refreshments at this point. You do not have to complete all the routes and you can stop whenever you choose to do so. The route has a mix of terrain and on the South route you run up the challenging Westcliff hill. Completing all four loops will total at 27km.

7km North Route:
This route has one garage along the route to refresh if needed.

7km East Route:

7.5km South Route:
There is a water tap on the top of Westcliff at the intersection of Palala Rd.

6.5km West Route:
At the furthest point of this route there is a garage 1 block away if needed


The Rockies Comrades long training run will not be run or organised until further notice. This is due to administrative and logistical problems. Should this situation change it will be communicated in time


We have a 5km time trial every Saturday morning at 7.30am from the Zoo Lake Moyo restaurant parking lot. This time trial has been going for over 25 years, and is timed by Val and Richard Wilkinson, who are well known on the running scene.


We have a number of Rockies members who are parts of many different running groups throughout Joburg and folks have been asking who they can train with en masse. The following are groups that we are aware of but we know there are many more. If you know or are part of any groups who are willing to accept new folks in the fold do please let us know so that we can spread the word. We all know that running in groups is just more fun and safer.
Melrose Arch Running Group
 Gabi Denill organizes the Melrose running group. Runs are usually Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. Times vary but usually 5h30 weekdays. Meet outside the Melrose Arch Virgin Active. All are welcome. They have a Facebook group MA PG Running – Gabi posts the upcoming runs for the week on a Friday. Alternatively anyone can contact Gabi on 072 289 7000
Old Eds Running Group
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 5.45am: Old Eds parking lot (Virgin Active Gym) Houghton. This group meets every Sunday as the more formalised run but details are somewhat sketchy in terms of times and distances. You can contact Rodney Plett for finer details: 0823330777
Soweto Running Group
Their meeting point is @ Maponya Virgin Active @ 7 am average pace. The days they run has not been stipulated. 1st group 5min/km  2nd group 6min/km. Facebook page: Gauteng Athletics Training Group.
Contact person Stephen Moagi . Cell 082 951 6037


The Zoo Trot takes place at the Johannesburg Zoo once a month – usually on the second Sunday of the month. The Trot is a 5km (or 10km) run through the zoo on a Sunday morning. It is an opportunity to support the zoo, get exercise and see the animals at an early hour of the day. The run is well attended with between 300 and 500 runners each month. Runners are mix between the regular club runners who want something a bit different, entry level runners who enjoy a shorter distance, to those that enjoy a walk in the zoo on a Sunday morning. Rockies has been assisting the Zoo for over 6 years with organising the route for the Trot and leading the run.