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Why join Rockies?

Rockies Running Club in Johannesburg

We are centrally based at Zula’s Restaurant (formerly Moyo), Zoo Lake Parking, 1 Prince of Wales, Parkview.

Rockies offers a great forum and support for runners to do what they love – running. We also welcome walkers and have designated walks and time trials. We host club runs, an annual race, time trials, our Zoo Trot as well as Comrades training and advice. We keep you up to date with regular newsletters and enjoy socials after races.

  • Adult Member
  • R550/ Year
  • Age 18 and up.
    Fee includes licence and vest.
  • Adult Member + Spouse
  • R1000/ Year
  • R500 main member + R500 spouse.
    Fee includes licences and vests.
  • Juniors & Scholars
  • R250/ Year
  • Student card required for 18 yrs +.
    Fee includes licence and vest.
  • New Adult Member
  • R700/ Year
  • Age 18 and up.
    Fee includes licence, vest and shorts.
  • New Adult Member + Spouse
  • R1300/ Year
  • R650 main member + R650 spouse.
    Fee includes licence, vest and shorts.
  • New Junior/Scholar Member
  • R400/ Year
  • Student card required for 18 yrs +.
    Fee includes licence, vest and shorts.


  1. Choose your membership type and pay to join Rockies.
  2. Download and complete the ASA form and send to or register online.

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How to Join

2020 Membership and Licence Registration

  • CGA registration licence forms must be done online here,

Download: 2020 ASA Licensing Form

Download: 2020 Rockies Membership Form

ASA Online Registration System

Instructions to register online as an athlete

  1. If you don’t have access to the internet, complete a manual application form and ask your Club Administrator to register you on the system.
  2. If you do have access to the internet, log on to one of the following websites: / Links / Online Registration or     (Recommended)
  3. Click on “Register Now”
  4. Read the disclaimer and agree to it.
  5. Enter your ID-number (or passport number) and select the correct type. SA Citizens must register with an ID-number.
  6. Verify your ID-number. If it is a valid ID-number, you will be directed to a data sheet.
  7. Enter all the relevant fields and choose for yourself a password. All fields are compulsory and you must have a valid e-mail address.
  8. After validation you will be directed to a new screen.
  9. Club Details: First select your Province and then the club that you would like to join. If your club is not listed, your Club Administrator must contact the Provincial Administrator to add your club to the list.
  10. Duties: Choose as what you would like to register. It can be 1, 2, 3 or all 4 fields.
  11. Discipline: Choose your discipline. It can be one or more.
  12. Personal Details: If applicable, add any of the open fields. These are not compulsory fields.
  13. Address: A residential address is compulsory. If your postal address is not the same as your residential address, un-click the box and add your postal address.
  14. Contact: At least a home or cell phone is compulsory.
  15. Emergency: At least one emergency contact person with a contact number is compulsory. If you do have a medical aid, select Yes and a screen for the detail will be displayed.
  16. Click on “Save” and if all compulsory fields are valid, you will receive a message “Successfully updated”. Under Club Details your preferred club will be listed and the Current Club Status will be “Pending”.
  17. The system will automatically send an e-mail to your Club notifying them of your application. The Club Administrator will then contact you with their membership fees, how it can be paid and where to collect your licence bib. If they don’t contact you please contact them.
  18. As soon as your club fees are paid, or otherwise decided by the club, the Club Administrator will allocate a licence bib to you and change your status to “Accepted” or “New Member”. You can now collect your licence bib from the Club Administrator.
  19. If you were registered on the system for 2019, your status will be changed at a certain date (30 November 2019) to “Pending”. Please pay your club fees as determined by the club. The Club Administrator will then allocate your new licence bib and change your status to “Accepted”. Now you can collect your licence bib.
  20. At any stage you can login to the system and update your detail.
  21. If you want to change your club, contact your current Club Administrator with a request to change your status to “Transfer”. Now you can contact your new club for membership.
  22. Enjoy your athletics as a registered club member for the rest of the year.