5 minutes with Rockies coach Zongamele Dyubeni

Not everyone knows that Rockies has its own experienced coach, who is available to all members. Whether you want to improve your times, or run further, Zongamele Dyubeni is the one who can guide you there, at no cost to our members. While he’s brilliant...

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The best 5km time trial in Johannesburg

The most well-known time trial in Joburg: the Rockies Zoo Lake TT Started on October 20, 1984, the Rockies 5km Time Trial is one of the most-loved and popular Saturday runs in the northern suburbs of Joburg. At its helm is Richard Wilkinson, who with his late...

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What is Walking?

What is walking? Taken from newsletter by Gerhard at [email protected] or Hettie at (011)9763061 or 0829230831 Walking. Social Walking, Speed Walking. Power Walking, Race Walking, Road Walking? What are the differences between all of them? There are small differences in technique and speed but they are all...

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