Newsletter November 2020

Hi All

 At last we have some news to share with members on how Road Running will move forward into 2021

 Preparation for 2021 Licensing Season

The 2021 Licensing system will be officially opened on the 11 November 2020. Clubs and athletes can go on the system to register for 2021 and place their 2021 Permanent Licence orders.

Please visit and update your registration from last year. All you do is click the renewal tab. If I can do, this successfully without cursing so can you. (I picked up some members entered incorrect information this year). Please change any personal details and notify me so I can update the Rockies database.

Membership fees remain the same as last year R550

New members R700

Students R250

Member and spouse R 1000

Update from ASA to CGA

At the beginning of October we received great news from ASA that permission for athletics to return to competition was granted by Minister of Sports Nathi Mthethwa. We had submitted an application to host 4 events between November and December 2020. The events are two road races and two track and field events. The respective commissions will share the details of these events in their reports. We therefore request that we collectively ensure that protocols is allowed by all our members in these event. There are a number of unsanctioned events taking place in our province some of them comes in a forms of fun runs or virtual races. These events will not be tolerated and we edge members to forward any information of unapproved events to the office. (Sorry for the spelling not me)

Club Runs starting on Sunday, 15 November

  1. Venue: Zoo Lake where time starts
  2. Starting time is 7am because we are accommodating athletes who live far (eg those from Orange farm if they wish to attend)
  3. Distance (15km and 25km) 
  4. Time limit ( 3 hrs i.e. 7am to 10am)
  5. Social media platforms (WhatsApp group, Twitter, Facebook and Strava.)
  6. Each week will be slightly different in that we are going to avoid repetitive routes hence versatility will come into play.
  7. Will give weekly updates with regards to regular runs through the WhatsApp groups every Wednesday.

 For further information please contact the Club Captain General Senyadiwa 0836578346

Or the Coach Zongemele Dyubeni 0733382294

Time Trials

The time trial started a few weeks ago now and we encourage all members to join in.

I am sure we all know that it is every Sat at Moyo Car Park Zoo Lake at 07h30 with a 5K distance. Please come and greet Richard who is still going strong and continuing with the timekeeping and maintaining records.

Les Sutcliffe