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Hey there folks,

It’s me again. Although, many of you don’t know who “me” is/are/am. I am usually that guy languishing at the back of the back of the pack sukkelling my life away on some silly marathon or another. You can’t miss me, I’m the ugly one with the stupid headband on.

Anyways, squeaky bum time for all those Comrades runners now. We are at 15 days until race day. Try to stay clear of all the sick people you know. If they are sick in the head, stick close to them because your feather is the same as theirs. We have 120 other sick-in-the-head folk just from our club alone down for the walk down the hill. Some clubs proclaim their greatness of breaking records with the same sort of numbers being sent down when for us it’s just bang average. WE EXPECT NO LESS. With the current census figures thats just over 25% of the club. Last year we had over 30% going down for the race but that’s how much the club has grown since.

There is some vital information regarding the race which you people should know about which I will dispense now.

Comrades Elite Runners Donation:

As many of you have seen over the last few months, Rockies has been very successful on many fronts in the 10, 21 and 42km race scene. And some of these Elite Squad runners are planning on going down for Comrades.

They are planning on doing the bus and bed deal offered by Rockies and are looking for any kind of assistance. The cost for Rockies members to go down is R1800.00. If you are able to assist in any way you can make a donation into the Rockies account with the reference “C Donation”

Rocky Road Runners Club
Nedbank Balfour Park
Branch: 15110500.
Acc. No: 1511036532.

The Elite squad hope to get a good account of themselves at the race in the hope of possibly gaining enough interest for a sponsor.

Comrades Enthembeni Donation:

As has been tradition spanning many many years, Rockies makes a donation to the Enthembeni School which is found along the route of the race as your exit Cato Ridge. This school is for children with disabilities and has done lots of amazing work over the years. The children are out to support you for most of the day so say “hello” and give high-5s where you can. They really do appreciate it.

Ethembeni School

We are asking for any donations that we can put forward to the school to help them continue their excellent work. Any amount is welcome and we will communicate how much the club managed to raise and will donate.

Please use the same banking details as above but as reference use “Enthembeni”.

Thank you.

Comrades Seconding Volunteers Request:

We currently have two stations manned with enough people on race day and are looking for one more station to alleviate the load. If there is anyone who is keen to assist on the day please let us know. Your own transport would be highly useful. We will try and get 2 people per station just so that you don’t lose your mind due to loneliness.

Please contact Les Sutcliffe if you are interested: or 082-565-8374

Comrades Seconding Stations:

As per usual, Rockies will be offering a seconding service to all runners for the race. You can give the club your goodies you would like along the route at these points and it will be there for you to collect when you come past.

We endeavor to do our best to see each and every single Rocky coming through but sometimes after seeing 10000 runners throughout the day you happen to miss one or two. Especially in the meelee of the last 2 hours. The onus is also on you to keep an eye out for these volunteers who will be on the side of the road in some Rockies attire or another.

The two guaranteed points along the route will be

  1. Going uphill out of Drummond (44-46km to go)
  2. Bottom of Cowie’s Hill (approx. 15km to go)

Comrades Profile Map

If we managed to get a 3rd station then it will be coming out of Cato Ridge (60km to go). Please help us get this 3rd point!

The handing over of your goodies for race day can be given to the club at these 3 times as we will have reps taking your stuff.

  1. Sunday 15 May at AGM, ZLSC. 11:00
  2. Sunday 22 May at Chairman’s Run, ZLSC. Run starts at 08:00. We will take bags until 11:00 after the run
  3. Saturday 28 May at Elangeni Hotel Foyer, Durban. 17:00 until 18:00. Joey Gotkin will be waiting there. Please contact Joey directly (082-877-3147) if you would like to do this then.

Any other times outside of these you will need to make special arrangements with the committee or Joey Gotkin.

When handing over your items please place it in a bag and WRITE CLEARLY with permanent marker:

  2. STATION NAME (ie. CATO RIDGE (if it happens), DRUMMOND, COWIES)

Comrades Finish Tent:

I sent out an email a week back regarding our club tent at the finish line in Durban at Kingsmead Stadium. In case you missed it, here it is again. Now you can go play “where’s Bullseye?”.

Comrades Finishers Tent

Please come join us after the race. There will be food and drink for you to consume. No bunny chows though. But if anyone is keen to join me I will be going to Hollywood’s on Umgeni Road afterwards to go slaan a half mutton bunny. Best bunny in town hands down. Ask the locals.



Comrades Shirts:

So we know we have been dragging our heels on this for a while now. Yet again, admin issues does not save the day. But fear not, we are getting special edition Comrades shirts made and below is the design.

Comrades Rockies Kit

The slogan for this year for Rockies is “Abayeki ezihambayo” which translated from Zulu means “Don’t stop moving”. Wise words for this race in particular. But don’t do any S Club 7 breakdowns, please.

The cost of the shirt is R150.00. If you would like one then please email me directly at I will do a cash-on-delivery deal for you. No need to deposit money into the Rockies account.

The shirts will be available after the Chairman’s Run on 22 May.



The 12th Annual Ironman African Championship took place on 10 April. In my opinion the weather was great. Some people say the water was choppy, I wouldn’t know, I had never swam in the ocean before.

But I will say that it was an experience and a half. If you are a rubbish swimmer like me then you are in for one hell of a lonely day. Oh and throw into the mix a nasty chest infection where you are coughing up all colours of yellow and green radioactivity on the morning of the race then you are in for a loooooooong, loooooooonely, haaaaaaaard, out-of-breath race. There is lots of stupidity involved here but I won’t bore you with those details.

Rockies had some representation at the race! I don’t know everyone who did the race, only those I happened to hear via the grapevine that did it or those I bumped into along the route.

The winning time on the day was 8:12:10 and those are proper pros. Just to remind you the race is the following distances with the following cut-off times

  • 3.8km ocean swim (2h20min swim leg cut-off)
  • 180km cycle (8h10min cycle leg cut-off but must finish before 17:30 in the evening)
  • 42.2km run

Total cut-off time 16:45:00. This is a mat to mat race so it is a pure Time Trial with yourself.

Unlike other races, you don’t get an opportunity to talk to anyone until you reach the run. The swim you can’t talk to anyone except to the lifeguards and even then they aren’t any good for that. Then the cycle you can’t talk to anyone as you have to be 12m away from the guy in front of you unless you want to pass him and if you do he has to back off by 12m from you then. The closest I got to a conversation with anyone was with Adri Albertyn and that was just to say “Hello! How are you? I am dead”.

Regardless, this race is amazingly run by the organisers and if you have an opportunity to knuckle down and do something crazy then this should be on your bucket list. Just don’t become one of those Triathlon chops.


Or how getting your bike 200g lighter so that you can shave 3min off your time.

Below are some results that I could find. But well done to everyone again. Even me, I am congratulating myself for finishing #4 of the SA Big 6 2016.

Dean Joffe 10:51:54
Ronnie Dribbin 11:02:08
Steven Joffe 12:10:31
Adri Albertyn 15:21:39
Shakir Dudhia 16:28:32

AGM Sunday 15 May

Just a last reminder about the AGM this Sunday. You have heard enough about it so I won’t go on and on about it.

It would be nice to see a good turn-out. Free drinks and pizza on offer. (you’re on Comrades taper, start carboloading early).

Time: 11:00
Location: Pannetone Cafe bottom floor, Zoo Lake Sports Club, Westwold Way, Parkwood.
Bring: Other Rockies, Committee nomination form (attached)

Please complete the form attached and send back to for committee nominations.

Required: New blood (don’t be the doos below)


Club Run Sunday 15 May

Last of the long taper runs. We are doing an easy 21km after the really good and worthwhile 30km Northcliff run we did last week.

Time: 08:00
Distance: 21km
Pace: Easy/Comfy
Route: TBC
Start/Finish: Zoo Lake Sports Club, Westwold Way, Parkwood.

AGM to follow after.

Special offers:

Just a reminder that as Rockies members you get special rates at some service providers we have managed to organise.

  • Biokineticist: Jenna Bennet. 072-143-0133. Her practice is in Waverley.
  • Physiotherapist: Kirsten Mortimer. 072-072-8883. Her practice is in Randburg near RAC.

Make use of these people as they can help you become…..


Shakir Dudhia