Newsletter: May 2016

Rockies Newsletter


Rockies AGM 15 May

Calling all Stations! Calling all sensations! Calling all relations! Second Call for Minks!

We humbly request that you attend this meeting as there are many things to discuss about the direction the club is going. Only input from yourselves can help steer the club the way you would like it to go. Even if you feel that we are going in the right direction, it would be nice to hear that coming from someone real…..that we can touch…..caress…… I won’t be doing it but maybe Richard Wilkinson will. No guarantees.

The AGM will be followed after a Chairman’s Run. It will be a mozy of a run where Saul Levin will lead the horde to the western fronts to confront the Orcs and all their peons.


Saul will not be taking out everyone for movies and popcorn though. Sorry to get your hopes up.

As per usual, if you are unable to attend the AGM please submit the proxy form attached for committee member nominations. It is highly imperative that we receive this form from you. We need new blood coming into the club working structure and you hold the key. Please send the forms back to Thank you.

In addition to this, if you have any ideas for sponsorship of the club please come forward on the day and let us know your comments.

Date: 15 May 2016
Time: 11:00
Location: Zoo Lake Sports Club lower bar floor.
Drinks and pizza to be supplied as reward for doing the Chairman’s Run just before.

Comrades Bus

As per usual, Rockies will be offering a bus and accommodation service for those who are doing Comrades this year.

The cost is R1800 for Rockies members and R2000 for non-Rockies members.

The trip leaves Joburg on Friday 27 May and returns from Durban on Monday 30 May. This includes the bus transfer from Durban to Pietermaritzburg on race day.

You will stay at the Coastlands Hotel on Dr. Pixley Kaseme St. It’s approximately 1.5km from the finish line.

If you are interested in taking up this offer please speak to Les Sutcliffe 082-565-8374 or

Comrades Train

Here is an option for all of you that want to go an alternative route down for the race.

“Dear Sir/Madam

Our company will be hosting its 17th train tour from Gauteng to Durban to the annual Comrades marathon – this year to be run from PMB to DBN.

Do you perhaps still have members/runners (and their family) who’d like to attend the race but have not finalised there travel arrangements and/or accommodation? We still have 4 x 4-bed compartments on the train available. Less than four persons may sleep in a compartment as well.

Tour dates:         27 – 30 May 2016              Friday evening to Monday morning
Tour price:          R2300 pp

Included in the tour price:           Return trip by Tourist Class train (JHB/DBN/JHB); bedding and certain meals on the train; bus transport in DBN as well as to the start of the race in PMB; one night’s accommodation in KZN in a hotel, early breakfast on Race Day and tour leader traveling along.

Please find attached the Info Doc & Booking Form.

Johan Badenhorst
JB Train Tours
0861 JBTOURS or 0861 52 86 87”

Comrades Finish Tent

Please see some of the attachments regarding the location of the club tent at the finish of Comrades. It’s a great opportunity to share war stories and we’ll also clothe and feed you. Club Site Allocations | Tent Site Layout

That’s a lie. We’ll just feed you.

That’s another lie. You’ll be given food and you’ll feed yourself. You’re an adult for Pete’s sake you can look after yourself, thank you very much.

But do come on down, the tent has been organised for you to come chill and relax and it is just at the entrance to where you run into the stadium. Great viewing point to give everyone else coming in late a nice moral boost (assuming they can hear you of course).


Club Race Results

Tsediso Bosiu won the Wally Hayward Marathon on Monday in a time of 2:23:00. This guy absolutely destroyed the field. And walked away with an incredible R12,000.00 package.

Well done Tsedio! Really making Rockies proud and putting us on the map.


Jenny Robertshaw came in as 1st Grandmaster Woman at the Colgate 15km. Well done Jenny.


Club Run Sunday 9 May

We’ll be starting our taper for Comrades now and after the exertions of Wally Hayward on Monday the amount of milage done will be decreased slowly. And by slowly we mean we are putting an end to it immediately. You got to ween yourself off properly like you would hardcore drugs. Not that I know anything about that. Friends tell me so.

We’ll be having a 30km club run through Northcliff. Not up and down Kakhuis 1 & 2 if you were wondering. But enough of the downhills to get you all Field’s Hill primed.

7:00 from Zoo Lake Sports Club parking lot on Westwold Way. We will be leave the parking lot at 07:00 so be there at 06:45. We have had a slurry of latecomers in recent times and it’s kinda annoying having to wait in the cold and then the phone calls start asking where on the road we are and if we can wait etc. Not happening this time.

Get your collective class act together.

Distance: 30km
Route: Zoo Lake – Auckland Park – Northcliff – Zoo Lake
Start location: Zoo Lake Sports Club (Westwold Way, Parkwood)
Time: 07:00
Pace: Relatively easy but we can split the groups up

Anyone is welcome!

I do not believe we will be able to organise road support this time round with refreshments and such so bring some cash to get some goodies at garages along the way.


Shakir Dudhia