Newsletter: August 2016

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Record Breaking Edition of Saturday Time Trial – 6 August


My deer Rockies family



You are all invited to our #recordsmustfall race this coming Saturday at Time Trials.

The record for the current time trial circuit has been standing for nearly 6 years and we were kind of hoping someone by now (especially with our Elite Runners program) would have done the deed by now. Alas, some have come close by 30 odd seconds but were absolutely shattered at the end.


Now a new breed has come to the fore. Kind of like:


We have some speed freak cats in our midst now who would be welcomed at Boksburg street quarter-miles and they are keen to give this the royal-kick-up-the-arse treatment. But hey, that doesn’t stop you from coming to partake and witness the ensuing carnage and possibly get lapped on the first mini-lap of the course! I mean hey, it’s all fun and games until you get run over by a runner, right?

NB: Invite other runners from other clubs. Spread the word. This is open to anyone and the record can be held by anyone too, not just from within the Rockies community.

MEN: 14 min 59sec
LADIES: 17 min 59sec


Of course!


Record breaker = R2k voucher (redeemable at The Sweat Shop)
2nd and 3rd Prizes = Socks (not the kind you give/receive on Father’s Day) [and if the record isn’t broken 1st place will win socks too]

The vouchers are meant to help runners buy shoes. But if you want to blow it on gels, laces or vaseline we aren’t going to stop you.


What else would prizes be for?

Deets of the run are below:

Date: 06 Aug 2016
Time: 07h30 (as always)
Venue: Johannesburg – Zoolake Moyos restaurant parking (as always)
Entrance: Free (as always)

We hope to see you there.

Having said all that, the record can be broken at any week of the Time Trial. Just inform us that you would like to attempt it and we’ll try to make sure Mpumi Masiko doesn’t shny you of a few precious seconds. (I still believe I have done a PB under her watch but feel she is shortchanging me). And if you can’t make the Saturday session, we can arrange another time for you to do so.

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I hope you all voted today and voted for the right party. If you don’t know who that is, let me help you.


For those you know who this man is you had a most excellent upbringing or are a fine curator of the arts. He was on the back of the ballot paper by the way….
Happy Hunting!

Shakir Dudhia